Founder | Project Manager & Creative Director at Adventure Websites.

Anna Parsec.

anna working on an adventure website project

Anna Parsec is a dynamic professional with a diverse background in marketing, space science, and fintech, with a BSc in Marketing and Brand Management, BSc in Art History and MSc in Space Science and Engineering.

Anna possesses a strong academic foundation and has recently completed her MSc in Space Science and Engineering at University College London and is doing a PhD in Planetary Science at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory, Anna’s academic achievements underscore her dedication to excellence.

Anna has great experience using Web Design and Development tools such as Figma, WordPress and other management software.

Anna also has 5 years experience as a project manager and executive assistant working for companies such as Pollinate in the FinTech sector in the city of London which adds a valuable dimension to her skill set.

Beyond her academic and business pursuits, Anna is an adventurer at heart. She’s logged over 45 flying hours and is currently pursuing her Pilot Licence. Anna’s multifaceted interests extend to the arts, as she’s a fifth-generation piano student of Chopin, as well as a keen interest in stargazing and visiting museums and theatres. Anna’s unique blend of expertise and interests makes her a remarkable addition to any team or project.