Conscious Breath Yoga

A membership platform for an inspiring yoga expert

A membership platform for an inspiring yoga expert
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Adventure Websites is excited to introduce you to Conscious Breath Yoga, a serene oasis of tranquillity and mindfulness. Our partnership with Conscious Breath Yoga has been a journey of spiritual exploration, culminating in the creation of their new website, a digital haven you can explore at

Conscious Breath Yoga is not just a yoga studio; it’s a gateway to inner peace, a path to self-discovery, and a community of like-minded individuals seeking harmony and balance in their lives.



In 2014, Katya began teaching corporate yoga and opened up a Yoga studio and Lotus Flower Yoga was born. Eventually in 2022 the business rebranded to Conscious Breath Yoga with a focus to teaching online yoga classes and creating a library of yoga videos via a well designed digital platform.

Key Details

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1 April 2022
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The current website and yoga video platform became inaccessible and redundant due to an outdated system and new advancements in technology.

Mission Objective

Our mission was to empower Conscious Breath Yoga with a digital sanctuary that not only reflects their philosophy but also facilitates growth, community engagement, and online offerings. Through the collaborative synergy of website design, development, project management, branding, e-commerce, and membership portals, we aim to support Conscious Breath Yoga on their journey to share the transformative power of yoga and conscious breathing with a global audience.

Crafting a Harmonious Digital Space: In our initial mission phase, we aimed to create a serene digital sanctuary for Conscious Breath Yoga that mirrors the tranquil essence of their practice while providing essential functionalities for their community.

Breathing Life into Membership and E-commerce: Our mission evolved into introducing membership and e-commerce capabilities to enable Conscious Breath Yoga to offer their services and products to a wider audience.

Nurturing a Unified Brand Identity: In this phase, our mission extended to logo design, branding, and newsletter integration to foster a cohesive and memorable brand identity.

Continuous Evolution Over 12 Months: Over the course of 12 months, our mission is to continuously improve and iterate upon the website, ensuring it remains aligned with Conscious Breath Yoga's evolving needs and growth.


Leveraging WordPress, we worked with Conscious Breath Yoga to design a website that embodies serenity and user-friendliness.

Key Milestones:

  • Collaborating on a design that reflects the yoga philosophy.
  • Developing a serene and intuitive website.
  • Implementing essential features for content delivery and community engagement.


We create a membership portal using MemberPress, designed an appealing e-commerce store, and integrate secure payment systems.

  • Launching a membership portal for exclusive content and subscriptions.
  • Designing an e-commerce store for selling products and services.
  • Implementing secure payment integration for seamless transactions.


We designed a unique logo, created cohesive branding elements, and integrate newsletters for regular communication.

  • Collaborating on logo design concepts and iterations.
  • Ensuring brand consistency across all digital assets.
  • Implementing newsletter integration for community updates.


We regularly review and refine website features, user experiences, and functionalities based on user feedback and performance metrics.

  • Ongoing review and enhancement of user experiences.
  • Optimising website performance for scalability.
  • Adding new features and functionalities in response to user demands.
Services Provided
Website Design, Website Development, Project Management, Logo Design & Branding, Newsletter Integration, E-commerce store (selling products and services), Membership Portal (Selling Services and Subscriptions), Payment Integration
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Through our collaboration, the website we’ve designed encapsulates the essence of their philosophy, offering a serene online space where visitors can explore the transformative power of conscious breathing, yoga, and meditation.

We invite you to embark on your own journey of self-discovery by visiting It’s a testament to the shared vision and dedication of Adventure Websites and Conscious Breath Yoga, where inner peace and mindfulness are just a click away.