A website project that helps people realise their dreams and gain opportunities in academia

A website project that helps people realise their dreams and gain opportunities in academia
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Adventure Websites is excited to introduce you to Dreamscholar, a beacon of education and empowerment. As we join forces with Dreamscholar to craft their new website, now accessible at https://dreamscholar.org/, we’re inspired by their unwavering commitment to knowledge and learning.

Dreamscholar isn’t just a platform; it’s a catalyst for dreams and aspirations, a place where education takes center stage. Our collaboration with Dreamscholar is fueled by a shared vision to create a digital space that embodies their passion for learning and accessibility.



The DreamScholar team specialises in admission to the best universities in the UK, Europe and the USA, as well as scholarships and grants for studying abroad.

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1 March 2022
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A website was needed to display service offerings for potential clients to find out more and enquire.

Mission Objective

Our mission was to empower Dreamscholar with a dynamic and thriving digital platform that effectively communicates their mission and drives e-commerce success. Through the collaborative synergy of website design, development, hosting, maintenance, graphic design, and payment integration, we aim to help Dreamscholar achieve its vision and make a positive impact in the online education sector.

Pioneering Dreamscholar's Digital Landscape: In our initial mission phase, we aimed to establish a robust digital landscape for Dreamscholar that effectively communicates their mission, offers an intuitive user experience, and facilitates e-commerce functionalities.

Nurturing Dreamscholar's Online Growth: Our mission evolved into ensuring that the website thrives, operates seamlessly, and keeps up with Dreamscholar's evolving needs.

Realising Dreamscholar's E-commerce Potential: In this phase, our mission extended to fully realising Dreamscholar's e-commerce potential, ensuring the platform effectively sells their products and services.


 Leveraging the versatility of WordPress, we designed a website that embodies Dreamscholar's values while ensuring it is visually appealing and user-friendly.

Key Milestones:

  • Collaborating on a website design that captures the essence of Dreamscholar's mission.
  • Developing a user-friendly and visually engaging website.
  • Implementing essential features for e-commerce, product listings, and seamless payment processing.


We provide reliable hosting, ongoing maintenance, and graphic design to enhance the website's visual appeal and user engagement.

  • Ensuring secure and reliable website hosting for uninterrupted service.
  • Regular website maintenance to keep it up-to-date and secure.
  • Incorporating captivating graphics to enrich the user experience.


We will optimise the e-commerce store, streamline the payment process, and enhance user engagement to drive conversions.

  • Continuous refinement of the e-commerce store for an exceptional shopping experience.
  • Implementing robust payment integration solutions for secure transactions.
  • Enhancing user engagement and product discovery through strategic design elements.
Services Provided
Website Design, Website Development, Project Management, Website Hosting, Website Maintenance, Graphic Design, E-commerce store (selling products and services), Payment Integration

The website we’ve designed for Dreamscholar is a testament to their dedication to education and empowerment. We invite you to embark on a journey of knowledge, inspiration, and transformation by visiting https://dreamscholar.org/. It’s a place where dreams take flight, courtesy of the collaboration between Adventure Websites and Dreamscholar.