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Updated: September 20, 2023
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Ranking a website and it’s content high up in Google is all about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Theres three main types On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO and Technical SEO.

The main way to rank high in Google with your content is to write really good quality information that is in depth and long (about 4,000 words or more). Its good to use external links within your content to useful resources on other websites that support your content as well as using internal links to other good information on your website – i.e. If you’re content is about “chest exercises” it would be good to have link within the text that links to an article in Mens Health or another informative website so that Google can start to understand what your content is about because it will associated that high domain authority website with your topic and think your content is about this too.

Googles main ranking factor for a website to rank high is mainly based on domain authority and the best way to get domain authority is to get other authorititive websites in your industry to backlink to your content (i.e. link to your content because they endorse it – for example if our website was all about traveling the world and linked to a website page we created about the top 10 travel locations that would help rank the website higher). This is really hard though because you need to write content that is worth linking to in the first place and it’s kind of out of your control but there are techniques to increase the chance of being linked to ranging from email outreach to guest possting as well as many others.

Most people know that a lot of SEO starts with keyword research & analysis and yes, this is right. The best place to start is definitely with keyword research and making sure whatever you’re writing about is in demand and getting searched regularly (Theres a good extension add-on in Google Chrome called “Keyword Surfer” that you can install that tells you how often certain keyword search phrases are searched for per month)

So the best place to start is to pick one keyword based on a specific topic and start to build a specific page that covers everything you could ever need to know about that topic on your website whilst making it engaging and relevant.

For Example if the keyword is “vibration engineering” (which gets searched 70 times per month in the UK) or “acoustic testing” (which gets searched 210 times per month in the UK).

There are other keyword phrases that get searched thousands of times a month – its all about picking a keyword that you think you can rank for based on the competition out there.

You would also want to save your page url as or

And then base that content around this subject.

You want your titles on the page to include your keyword. You also want your keyword to appear in the first 100 words of your page as well as in other places.

Theres something called Meta data which is pretty much just the pages short description and title that need to be really well optimised so that Google can find the page organically. This is kind of technical SEO which means you might have to get access to the websites backend so you can label things correctly. If the website is built with WordPress you can use an SEO plugin called Yoast SEO so you can set the pages Title and Description to something useful for Google and visitors to understand.

The best guy on the web that you can learn SEO from is called Brian Dean (Backlinko) – – – –


Theres also something called LSI keywords which basically means words associated to that topic. For example if you were writing an article about the Simpsons and your main keyword for that specific page was “the Simpsons”, Google would expect to see other words like Springfield, Homer, Bart, Cartoon, TV Show etc… which helps Google understand what this specific page is about. Therefore, the more information that relates to the topic and specific keyword for that page the more likely it is to rank the page higher.

Also, If you’re trying to write good content to attract customers from a certain location i.e. Brisbane – definitely include the keyword and location within your content.

Good keyword searching tools

SEO & Content Creation & Design

Definitely use good information that is spaced out and easy to read and use images and videos on the page as well as infographics to help keep visitors attention because Google also ranks websites on how long people spend on a website (Theres a thing called Google Rank Brain which is the algorithm and factors that help rank a website includes things like, Website Loading Speed, Domain Authority, Click Through Rate, Dwell Time, Backlinks, LSI Keywords, Keywords, Well Writen Copy Content, Internal & External Links, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions and loads of other on page and technical things that we don’t even know about.) Also, when adding images to your website make sure you label them correctly and make sure you use keywords that explain them so that Google can also understand what your images are about too.

Once you’ve written good content for the website, it’s not enough to just leave it there and hope people find it. This is when you have to promote it via content marketing such as social media, Google, email list and email outreach etc…

Once your websites has good content on it you also want to use Google Search Console to add a sitemap to Google so that it can index the website.

Theres definitely quite a lot to think about when writing good content for a website and its specific topics but the best place to start is to make sure you pick a main keyword/phrase for the page you’re working on and make sure you’re an expert on that topic.

There’s loads of little techniques to improve your contents SEO and rank high on Google – If you do them all right you will appear at the top of Google for certain Keyword Search terms. Also, it’s good to use Googles suggested search terms (when you start typing in Google – if you put your cursor at the front or end it will give you other sugested phrases) as ideas for words and phrases to include in your content because these are the things people search regularly.

If theres anything you don’t understand just let me know but I would definitely give and Brian Dean a quick read/watch.

Also, reverse outreach whereby you write content for people with the power to link back to your content is a very valuable strategy when building backlinks and improving domain authority.

Hopefully some of this made sense.

Catch up with you soon.

Have Fun SEOing and Keyword Researching:)

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First published on: August 21, 2023