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Website Hosting

Hosting is the place where your website lives on the internet so that everyone can visit you online.

It's basically a computer server that holds all of your website files and databases in a safe and secure location ready to display the content when requested by a visitor.

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Managed Website Hosting: We manage the setup and technical side of your websites hosting environment using our SiteGround servers.

Take advantage of our hosting server speeds, get automatic backups and peace of mind knowing that experinced experts that use the tools everyday to optimise your sites speed, security and compatibility with WordPress, PHP and databases are looking after your hosting environment.

Our hosting price starts from £200/year (depending on the type of website you require).

Website Performance & Fast Loading Speeds
  • Server Resources: Plenty of CPU capacity and memory limit available to handle upto approximately 400,000 monthly visitors meaning your website won't crash during high demand.
  • HTTP/2 enabled servers: Faster loading time for users that use the latest web browsing technology.
  • Powerful Caching Technology: NGINX-powered static, dynamic and database caching service with integrated plugin to handle an increased number of website hits and to help boost faster page loading speeds.
  • 30% Faster PHP: Ultrafast PHP implementation helps make your pages load upto 30% faster.
  • Free CloudFlare CDN: Use of a Content Delivery Network to distribute website content across multiple data centres across the world for faster loading times to people closest to them as well as blocking malicious traffic.
Safe & Secure Website
  • Free SSL Certificate: Free SSL to protect sensitive information from being intercepted by bots and hackers.
  • Spam Protection: SolarWinds expert email spam protection filters for incoming and outgoing email.
  • Multiple Server Locations: SolarWinds expert email spam protection filters for incoming and outgoing email.
  • Proactive Updates and Patches: Our hosting providers in-house DevOps team provide constant regular software patches and updates to ensure modern state of the art hosting management tools and dashboards to give us the tools to keep your site running smoothly.
  • AI anti-bot system: Built-in server technology to block millions of daily security threats.
  • Web Application Firewall: Protects against various site attacks.
Hassle free hosting setup, maintenance and updates
  • Technical Management: We manage all of your websites hosting setup and maintenance such as MYSQL database setups, FTP setup, email account setup, SSL certificate installation, DNS & MX record management,spam & security integrations and other server side technical configurations.
  • Managed PHP versions: We manage and keep your website up-to-date with the latest stable version of PHP (7.4) so that you website can take advantage of the latest technological advancements, remains secure and has fast loading speeds.
  • Domain Name Registration & Setup: We'll register your domain for the cost of the domain and connect it with your website by pointing the Namesever records.
Daily Backups
  • Automated Daily Backups & Restore Functionality: Build-in daily website backups so that if any technical issues occur we can revert back to a stable version of your website if/when required.
Servers Powered By Google Cloud
  • Reliability and Server Uptime: Running our service on Google Cloud guarantees premium availability and reliability and one of the fastest networks out there.
Free Wordpress Website Transfer
  • Website Transfers & Migration: If you’re looking to move hosting provider and want an excellent managed website hosting experience where your website won’t become outdated and have problems with technological advancement compatibility issues we can migrate your emails, website files and databases free of charge.
  • Outgoing Website Transfer Management: We provide a £75.00 Ship Site to Client service to host on their own platforms but we strongly recommend staying with us.

Our Services

Please see a list of our main service offerings that can include our Website Hosting addon.
subscription logo branding website design and development services adventure websites
Web Journey Subscription
This subscription allows you to add as many website design requests as you'd like, and they will be delivered one by one. Most requests are completed within 72 hours.
logo branding website design and development services adventure websites
Branding + Website Design & Development
We will work with you to create your branding which will include logo, colour palette and typography that can be used further for the design and development of your website.
branding website design and development services adventure websites
Website Design & Development
We will build you a website tailored exactly to your needs to help you achieve your primary business goals. We can create your first website or revive your current one.