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Website Maintenance

Website maintenance for WordPress ensure that a website stays up-to-date with the latest server, database, php, Wordpress, Theme & Plugin versions and other technical and security updates.

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Monthly Website Maintenance: We manage and perform all of your websites essential website maintenance to ensure everything continues to run smoothly.

Our WordPress Care package ensure your website stays up-to-date, runs smoothly, doesn't break and allows you to free up your time to get on with your tasks and run the business.

  • Website Maintenance: This includes WordPress updates, theme updates, plugin updates, database upgrades and php version compatibility control to help keep your website in perfect condition.
  • Advanced On-demand Backup: This includes both server-side and manual website file and database back-ups to restore/migrate if necessary.
  • Website HTML & CSS Investigations & Basic Code Fixes: We provide website bug fixes and finesses to layouts and styles to make sure designs are loading correctly and looking pixel perfect.
  • Testing/Development Environment: Website Staging Environment for any major updates and testing required if you decide to add extra functionality or any major changes to your websites.
  • Page Loading Speeds: We check your website loading speeds and improve speeds where possible.
    Website Analytics: We review basic website analytics & statistics and make minor adjustment if required and provide recommendations.
  • Review Security Scans: Check security scans for malicious attacks or security breaches in the websites code and fix accordingly.

*This service does not include website design, content updates, additional pages, Search Engine Optimisation or any functional website or plugin developments.

If you require an ongoing website design, SEO and content creation strategy we can help with this. Learn more about our revolutionary website design approach.

Website Maintenace Checklist

Our checklist for achieving a successfully maintained website.

  1. Backing up Website files & database before upgrading.
  2. Create staging environment for any major updates for testing purposes.
  3. Check change logs and update WordPress plugins one by one with website loading checks.
  4. Update Website Themes & Frameworks to the latest version.
  5. Update Wordpress and core files to the latest version.
  6. Perfom plugin updates a second time.
  7. Upgrade SQL database.
  8. Check Website Technical Reports.
  9. Check Website Loading & Peformance Manually.
  10. Check Page Loading Speed Statistics.
  11. Review Security Scans.
  12. Investigate basic bugs and issues.
  13. Check website analytics for obscure results or possible user experince issues and improvements.
  14. Perform manual off-site backup of Wordpress files, plugins, database via FTP to ensure a local copy is available if required.
  15. Upgrade PHP version to the latest stable version.

Our Services

Please see a list of our main service offerings that can include our Website Maintenance addon.
logo branding website design and development services adventure websites
Branding + Website Design & Development
We will work with you to create your branding which will include logo, colour palette and typography that can be used further for the design and development of your website.
branding website design and development services adventure websites
Website Design & Development
We will build you a website tailored exactly to your needs to help you achieve your primary business goals. We can create your first website or revive your current one.